What Should You Do When Your Home Window Breaks?


Windows are one of those things we don’t fully appreciate until something happens. Whether your neighborhood kids accidentally break your window, or it shatters from shoddy installation or a natural disaster, a broken window is not a fix you can put on the back burner. 

If you find yourself with a broken window, here are the immediate steps to follow:

Figure Out the How and Why

Before beginning the clean-up process, it’s time to put your detective hat on by finding the how and the why:

  • How did the window break, and why did it break?
  • Was it caused by a flying object like a baseball or rock?
  • Does extreme weather or age play a factor?

Answering these questions and becoming Sherlock Holmes to solve the case of the broken window can help you determine whether or not filing an insurance claim is necessary. 

Oftentimes, insurance companies won’t cover broken windows caused by regular wear and tear, but they may cover those broken due to weather damage or an object flying through the glass.

Clean Up

Stepping on broken glass is the last thing you want to do—be mindful of your safety when cleaning up the mess.

First, make sure no one is nearby or in danger of stepping on any broken glass. If possible, wear gloves and durable pants while cleaning up the debris. Vacuum the area to pick up any small pieces left behind and carefully throw the glass away in a sealed trash bag.

Voilà—your window area is now clean and safe!

Secure and Cover the Area

Once you’ve cleared away the broken glass, secure and cover the opening with a piece of plywood or sturdy cardboard so that no more debris can get inside your home. Otherwise, you may end up with a bigger mess on your hands that can result in the following:

  • Unwanted pests such as bugs and rodents
  • Water damage from rain or snow entering the home
  • Decrease in temperature, resulting in higher energy bills

Don’t let a broken window lead to an even bigger problem—make sure you cover the opening securely for your safety and home protection.

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