10 Questions to Ask When Buying New Windows

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Buying windows is a big decision, but it comes with great payoffs: lower energy bills, increased curb appeal, and more natural light to name a few. But before you invest in new windows, it’s important to know exactly what you need. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself when shopping for new windows:

What Are the Main Reasons for Buying New Windows?

Are you trying to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Increase the overall value of your property? Or just give your home a more updated look? Knowing why you want new windows will help narrow down the type of windows you should get.

What Is My Budget for Buying Windows?

Windows come in a range of prices, so it’s important to know what you can afford and stay within your budget. Knowing the maximum amount you’re willing to spend will help you focus on options that are within your price range.

Should I Replace All of My Windows at Once?

It may be more cost-effective to replace all of your windows at once. However, if you don’t have the budget to do this right away, consider tackling one room at a time or replacing windows in a high-traffic area first.

What Style of Window Should I Invest In?

Depending on the aesthetic of your home, you may want to choose more traditional or modern-style windows. Ask yourself if your current color scheme, trim, and siding will complement the new windows.

If you’re looking for a more modern style, go with a window that has fewer panes—it gives your home a seamless look. For a classic look, opt for mullioned windows with lots of panes. Andersen brand windows are a great choice for a traditional style. For more inspiration and up-and-coming styles in 2023, check out our recent blog.

When Should I Replace My Windows?

The best time to buy new windows is typically during the milder seasons like fall or spring. During these times, the weather is more conducive to window installation and can help reduce your costs.

Should I Try to Replace My Windows or Work With a Professional Company?

Do-it-yourself window installation can save you money if you have experience. However, it’s not a job you can learn to do through Youtube. Working with experts will ensure that your windows are installed correctly and your home remains safe during installation.

What Can I Expect During Installation?

The first step is to prep and measure the area where the new windows will go. Next, the current window frames and trim are removed and replaced with new ones. Finally, your new windows are sealed in place and tested for air leakage.

How Long Is the Process From Start to Finish?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect windows for your home, the installation process typically takes a few days. But depending on the number of windows you’re replacing and other factors (like weather), it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Is There a Warranty on My New Windows?

Most window companies offer warranties on their products. Make sure to read the fine print and understand exactly what is covered before buying windows.

How Can I Take Care of My New Windows to Make Sure They Last?

The best way to prolong the life of your windows is by cleaning them regularly. By keeping dust, grime, and rust away, you can increase their longevity. You should also inspect them periodically for any cracks or signs of damage that might need to be fixed.

Buying windows is a great way to give your home an updated look and improve its energy efficiency. With these 10 questions, you’re sure to find the perfect windows for your home!

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