Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows: What Homeowners Should Know

Modern Utah House With Large Window

When it comes to your windows, knowledge is power. Lots of research and back and forth go into a big decision like replacing or installing a new window. Windows bring in that natural light that homeowners love, provide ventilation, and improve the overall energy efficiency and curb appeal of a home.

On your way to finding the best windows for your home, we’ll engage in a classic debate to help you decide: vinyl vs fiberglass windows, which is better? Two of the most popular options, vinyl and fiberglass products, drive homeowners crazy when looking to replace their old windows—but what exactly is the difference between these two materials and which one should you choose?

What Are Vinyl and Fiberglass Windows?

Vinyl windows are windows that are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Vinyl windows are well-known for their affordability and low maintenance requirements, which make them a popular choice for many homeowners.

Fiberglass windows are made from glass fibers that are woven together and coated with resin for added strength, which allows for smaller frames and more glass. Fiberglass windows can be up to 30% more expensive than vinyl windows. 

Vinyl and fiberglass are both durable, weather resistant options with their own benefits and drawbacks. 

What are the Differences: Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are up to eight times stronger than vinyl windows. Even though fiberglass is stronger, it’s a myth that vinyl will warp in extreme temperatures. Vinyl is durable and will not warp or become brittle. 

Vinyl is also easier to install because it’s more flexible; whereas, fiberglass is very rigid and immovable. However, fiberglass does have higher insulation values, making it more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, as it reduces the consumption of energy.

When it comes to style, fiberglass can be painted any color you like. Although vinyl windows come in vastly different styles and colors, they cannot be painted. From far away, both styles are indistinguishable. However, up close you can tell that fiberglass is thinner, allowing for more natural light and window pane space. 

When making the best decision for your home, it comes down to these two factors:

  • Your budget
  • Style preference

Depending on these two things, you could be swayed in either direction between vinyl vs fiberglass windows. But remember to weigh every option before making such an important decision for your home – it matters.

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