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What type of window provides the best airflow? The top 3 options in 2023

outdoor walkway on a modern home with impact windows

Key Takeaways: Casement windows offer the most airflow for their size, but for larger openings horizontal sliders are the best choice. Crafting a comfortable and well-ventilated living space involves careful consideration of various elements, with windows playing a pivotal role. Adequate ventilation not only improves indoor air quality but also regulates temperature and humidity levels. […]

How often should windows be replaced?

Man installing a new window

Windows generally need to be replaced every 15-20 years, barring unusual wear or damage. Windows are the eyes of our homes, connecting us to the world outside while protecting us from its elements. As essential as they are, windows have a finite lifespan and may need replacing over time. In this guide, we will explore […]

Is it cheaper to replace the whole window, or just the glass?

It is generally around 50% cheaper to replace just the glass, instead of the whole window. When it comes to dealing with damaged or outdated windows, homeowners often find themselves facing the decision of whether to opt for glass replacement or go for the more comprehensive window replacement. Both choices have their merits and demerits, […]